Quote of the Week …

ImageFrom The Laid-Off Diaries:

My Quote of the Week:
“This is just more than just I need money. I need life. Like this is my life. I know that I can take this and turn it into something spectacular.”

Spoken by the super-talented Philly chick Dom Streater, who won Project Runway last week {pictured left}

Dom’s moving explanation about why she thought she should win Project Runway has stuck with me for nearly five days. It’s literally sewn into my soul.

My unexpected pink slip this summer helped me realize that at the root of everything, writing is my passion. It’s what makes my heart beat; it’s my air.

And, like Dom said, it’s not about the money. It’s about being creative and living in the moment, listening to people share their stories and getting wrapped up in their thoughts, playing with words and drafting colorful patterns with my paragraphs.

A big thank you to Dom for adding fuel to my fire, or should I say, ink to my pen. Whether I’m writing a message in a birthday card, a magazine article or, one day, the first few lines of my first book, I will make sure I turn my words into something spectacular.

P.S. To read more about Dom, her incredible talent and her inspiration, check out this Essence.com interview with her following her win. 


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