Real Talk …

Real Talk ...

From The Laid-Off Diaries: Yep, this picture definitely hits the nail on the head. I love when the universe gives you a much-needed dose of reality.


I love the ’80s …

From The Laid-Off Diaries:
After seeing this compilation pic posted by my FB bud, Mmy Shider, I’m wishing it was 1983 again — long before I had to worry about earning a paycheck, when I had no clue what being laid off really meant and when “getting to the next level” was merely a reference to Donkey Kong. 


Thursday Theme Song …

From The Laid-Off Diaries: You can thank the CMAs for today’s Thursday Theme Song.

It’s a Taylor Swift throwback, and, honestly, it just makes me plain ol’ happy — like grab the hairbrush and sing at the top of your lungs, wiggle your body like nobody’s watching, re-enact Napoleon Dynamite’s side-splitting dance scene, jump around and snap your fingers until you are out of breath kind of happy.

Plus, seeing another hometown girl from Berks County rack up so many great accomplishments and achievements gives this laid-off chick some hope that my dreams will come true, too.

High five …

ImageFrom The Laid-Off Diaries:
High-five to everyone out there who also learned something new at work today!

I just successfully used the copy machine at my temp job to scan a document and e-mail it to myself. Super score!

Now, I’m wishing there was a Copy Machine 101 course in college so I could’ve added this soft skill to my resume a long time ago. It’s much more useful in the real world than, say, microeconomics and macroeconomics, which, by the way, no writer should ever be required to take. Ever.

Believe me, not one boss has ever asked me about flow variables or troughs. Several, however, have asked me to make copies. And, now, I can proudly tell them that, yes, I can make copies — and I can scan documents like nobody’s business. High five, baby!

Thursday Theme Song …

From The Laid-Off Diaries:
No tricks, all treats at The Laid-Off Diaries this Halloween. We’re giving out earworms, with a side of “that’s my jam!”

My Thursday Theme Song is “Popular Girl” from Teen Witch, my favorite Halloween movie of all time. You’re welcome for this sweet treat. Guarantee this song will be stuck in your head until next Halloween!

Six words …

ImageFrom The Laid-Off Diaries:

This afternoon, I needed a brain break, so I started clicking links on, and I came across this October 2011 magazine story about writing and sharing your six-word memoir.

I thought about it for a few minutes and then stared jotting down words. I started with laid-off, and I tried to build from there.

It was difficult at first to whittle my thoughts – and my life – to exactly six words. But I kept scribbling, creatively (at least I think so) stringing together words, phrases and even a few dreams that I hope will one day come true. Eventually, I had a few mini-memoirs that made me smile or laugh at their pure silliness:

Laid-Off Writer, Punctuating Life’s Lessons

Adventures in MommyLand: Boys are Messy

Loves to Color Outside the Lines

Ex-Homecoming Queen, Found My Prince

Repressed Baker. Will Work For Icing

Had Kids, Never Getting Naps Again

Perpetual Daydreamer Who Adores Fairytale Endings

Blogging is Bad-Ass; So am I

RSDproud. Temple MADE. For Life.

Planting my seed, watering my dream

Believing in The Book of David

Tyler Perry will know my name 

By the Grace of God. Amen.

…..Now, it’s your turn. Write your six-word memoir in the comment section. Let’s see how many stories we can collect.

Thursday Theme Song …

From The Laid-Off Diaries:
A song can spark so many emotions, especially when your life is in transition. So, every Thursday, I’m going to post a theme song that sums up how I’m feeling that week.

Today’s song: The theme from Mahogany, the 1975 movie starring (the fabulous) Diana Ross and (the fine) Billy Dee Williams.

One lyric keeps replaying in my head: Do you know where you’re going to? Well, no Miss Ross, I really don’t. At least not yet. But I’m buckling up for one heck of a ride as I try to figure it out.